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The Who, The Why and The What

Daren Lake – Co-Founder/Head of Content & Operations

Who We Are

Pod Paste is a creative audio production company based in Sydney, Australia.

Daren Lake (Co-Founder/Head of Content and Operations) has nurtured a life-long passion for crafting stories through audio.

This Aria award-winning producer began with DJ mixes, music production and spoken word poetry – a set of skills that have evolved into crafting unique stories with engaging advertising and memorable marketing.

That same driving passion now fuels the Pod Paste team as we help people craft their vision through the medium of podcasting. Exciting growth is emerging for audio stories, and Pod Paste offers a uniquely equipped team to venture into the unknown future. (Brand Audio Experience, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality is only the beginning)

We work towards changing what a “podcast” should sound like, with a focus on creating compelling, engaging and effective audio stories for brands and people

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Daren Lake – Co-Founder/Head of Content & Operations at the Australian Podcast Awards.

Why Use Pod Paste

A podcast is a great way to reach your audience, as both a personal and passive medium for getting your story out to the world.
Personal because listeners develop intimate and trusted relationships with the people behind the audio (You and your team!).
Passive because the listener can be fully engaged in your experience, without it interrupting their lives.  Your audience can be exercising, commuting, or cooking, while still engaging with your product.

Every podcast is different.  You, along with Pod Paste and their Aria Award-winning creation team, bring a finely tuned combination of technical and creative skills to the table to make your final product.

Our team provides holistic service and advice at every step of production to magnify your efforts and bring your vision to life.  With our expertise, you never need to worry about your product missing the mark.

We have convenient, on-demand services for people/creators/companies in Sydney, anywhere in Australia, and the rest of the world;

  • Simple and easy recording and editing – Just come into one of our professional podcast studio based in the Sydney CBD, or simply send us your raw files and start your podcast journey
  • Professionally sound-treated and sound-proofed recording studios right in the heart of Sydney City. All equipped with high-quality audio recording gear, editing software/plugins, and highly trained engineers
  • Pay for what services you use. No more, no less.
  • Full technical and creative advise and consultation to solve all your podcast needs and problems — From music creation to copywriting to marketing, video and more
  • Reliability – Quadruple back up so you never have to worry about anything being deleted, ever!
  • Templates and formats for any style of podcast; from a standard interview, live shows, conference events, corporate workshops, and more!

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