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What Is An Audio Story?

An Audio Story is exciting and engaging anecdotal stories and ideas formed into a tight, easy to consume magical adventure to the ears of your listener.

One highly produced podcast story experience + three creatively constructed interview episodes = a visually stimulating and informative audio “movie”.

8 Reasons Why You Need The Audio Story Format

Competition and Differentiation – Stand out in the competitive world of podcasts that is comprised of more than 95% interview formats.

Editorial Quality Control – Attention to detail in editing means your content sounds compelling, interesting and of the highest quality.

Multiple Pieces of Audio Content – Allows you to leverage multiple podcast pieces from one episode, with interview episodes as stems or a standalone episode.

Illustrate a Large and Important Point – Stories come across as more memorable and powerful. The audience will learn more by listening to relatable stories than simply a spiel of information.

Gaining Authority and Enabling Higher Prices – Publishing regular content on a podcast will show that you are an expert and experts justify premium prices.

Attract and Convert Ideal Customers/Clients- Reach out to your audience by answering their questions and solving their problems through storytelling.

Personal and Passive – The nature of audio lends itself to be almost like personal storytime with the audience which can make them interested, entertained and ultimately trust you.

Gain Visibility and New Audiences – Increase your chances of being known, reach more people with the growing popularity of podcasts, and collaborate with like-minded people.

The Audio Story Process

  • Planning and Strategy – setting your “why” objectives and organising guests, interviews and schedules.
  • Ideation & Story Scaffolding – brainstorming problems and solutions, drafting interview questions, deciding on a story, music and sound effects.
  • Recording – best practices for highest quality audio, recording interviews which create the stems and foundation for the main audio story
  • Post Production – scripts are finalised for the audio story, recording narration, audio sweetening and mastering of episodes, feedback and revisions made
  • Publish & Promotion – the critical step of finding the target audience, educating them, building awareness and obtaining more qualified listeners

The below image is an example of an “Audio Story” Script

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