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Bridging the Gap Between Your Brand, Content, and Customers

In Greek mythology, the God Janice is often depicted with two faces looking at opposite directions, one towards the past and one towards the future. And in content marketing, you need to be able to look both ways. It’s important to look at the past and what’s worked before, but also attempt to look at the future and adapt accordingly.

As the famous Wayne Gretzky quote goes, “I skate to where the puck is going, not where it has been.”

And like the great one, I learned the importance of anticipating where the future is headed and not just sticking to what has worked in the past.

For years, I struggled to grow my podcast and social media brand by doing what everyone else was doing.

But then I took a risk (kinda?!) and entered the video content world. I was early, and it paid off. I validated that in order to succeed, I needed to adapt, take action and move forward.

Now, I have a brand that focuses on running, endurance sports, health, and fitness.

And while many of you may not care about that, I want to show you that by anticipating where the puck is going,

I was able to bridge the gap between my fitness brand and my podcast production business.

Now you might be asking yourself “Why is this important to me?”

Well… the way I content market my brand might be of interest to you because with a whole bunch of trial (and mostly error)

I was able to 11x my total content reach (podcast, socials, newsletter and website visits).

And as I put this together I realised the framework is applicable to pretty much any company or brand in any industry.

I really believe the biggest opportunity with content and in particular social media should be used to educate.

Most people on social media aren’t ready to buy or even know if they have a problem, so building trust is key.

If you’re familiar with the 5 stages of customer awareness, as outlined by Eugene Schwartz;

The first 3 stages that should be focused on

  1. Unaware
  2. Problem Aware
  3. Solution Aware
  4. Product Aware
  5. Most Aware

But… unfortunately most companies and brands (especially in the endurance sports/health/fitness industry) focus on stage 4 and 5.

Back to education

Well my rebranded company does this and more with our content packages so you can 10x your return, get new customers, not worry about creating sticky content, free up valuable resources in marketing and get back to running (maybe pun intended?!) your business instead of creating content.

The title of this is just that; CONTENT ON THE GO.

I’ve proven that as a content creator with a focus on a podcast, you can be more than just audio.

It’s hard for a brand to just put out a podcast and see thousands of listens and convert hundreds and thousands of listeners to paying customers and clients.

People’s attention is everywhere, so let’s use that to our advantage.

By video recording all podcasts, I’ve been able to 10x who and where people consume the value of the podcast.

From one 20-30 min episode, you can touch 10x more people with 10-20+ pieces of content.

We call this content stacking (ripped and remixed from Gary Vee’s 64 pieces of content in a day and The Podcast Host)

Oh hey – you’ve gotten this far

Moving forward with every piece of content I want to present interesting thoughts, ideas, and questions in a casual way.

I believe that marketing is way more art than it is science.

I’m always learning new stuff that renders my old stuff wrong or obsolete, and I want to talk about that and fail in public.

Let’s see where this takes us; I might get all deep and meaningful or I might insert some funny/bad jokes, memes, and random humorous bits along the way.

Either way let’s do this once a month for a quarter and re-assess from there.

See you in the inbox.

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