Content On The Go

Are you struggling to grow your podcast and social media brand?

Tired of doing what everyone else is doing content wise and not seeing results?

It’s time to anticipate where the puck is going and skate towards that direction – not where it has already been (copyright Wayne Gretzky).

That’s exactly what we did, and… it paid off. Now we want to share our findings with you.

We believe that the biggest opportunity with content (long and short) should be used to educate.

Most people on social media aren’t ready to buy or even know if they have a problem, so building trust is key.

That’s why we focus on the first three stages of customer awareness: unaware, problem-aware, and solution aware. Unfortunately, some companies and brands focus on the last two stages, which are basically “buy this product”. Let’s fix that.

Pod Paste now offers content packages that will help you improve your reach, get new customers, and free up valuable resources in marketing.

We call this content cascading, and it’s the secret to our success in our own content.

By filming all podcasts, we’ve been able to 10x who and where people consume the value of the podcast. From one 20-30 min episode, you can touch 10x more people with 10-20+ pieces of content.

At our core, we believe that marketing is more art than it is science.

We’re always learning new stuff, and we want to share it with the world. With Content On The Go, we present interesting thoughts, ideas, and questions in a casual way, with a touch of humor along the way. Join us once a month for a quarter and see where this takes us.

If you’re ready to take your content marketing to the next level, subscribe to our newsletter, then contact us for more into about helping you with your content creation and let’s get started.