I used this weird story tactic to make original podcast episodes | COTG Dec 2023

As a podcast and content creator, understanding the value of podcast listener attention is crucial for your success. At the same time, knowing how long it takes to shape your unique podcast voice is also necessary for success. In this article, we delve into the power of podcasts in capturing listeners’ full attention and showcasing brand values through storytelling. Discover how podcasts excel in increasing brand affinity, building thought leadership, and reaching a wider audience with minimal effort. Whether you’re interested in podcast production, content creation, or video podcasting, this article provides valuable insights to help you optimize your strategies and elevate your podcasting game.

Hello to all the podcast/content creators and content-curious folks out there.

This edition is the last one for 2023. I trust your 2023 was as eye-opening and growth-oriented as ours was.

In this newsletter, you’ll learn about;

  • The Classic Helsinki Bus Station Parable and why copying others is a very good thing
  • What the Real Value of Podcast Listener Attention is
  • How to reach 10x more people with only 10% work (aka less)
  • A great quote on why you should sequence your consistency before intensity

The Helsinki Bus Station Parable

In this content piece, I’m going to go a bit deep into a pretty cool concept that might just change the way you think about creativity. The road to originality often begins with a journey through unoriginality.

The Copycat Phase

Imagine yourself as a budding photographer eager to make your mark in the art world. You start by picking a specific artistic style, let’s say platinum studies of nudes. You pour your heart and soul into capturing unique and beautiful images. But when you proudly present your work to a gallery owner, you’re hit with disappointment. They tell you that your photos resemble the work of another photographer, Irving Penn. Turns out, you were unknowingly following his path all along.

Frustrated, you decide to switch gears. You choose a different genre of photography, hoping to create something truly original. But once again, you’re met with the same critique – your work appears derivative. It feels like a never-ending cycle of disappointment, and you find yourself back at the bus station, contemplating your next move. But what if I told you that this seemingly endless loop is actually an essential part of the creative process?

The Patient Journey

Let me explain this concept better by sharing an inspiring story about Helsinki’s main bus station. As you drive out of the city of Helsinki starting your journey you see the standard city sites. Grocery stores, shopping plazas, cafes, restaurants, parks, more roads, more apartment buildings, etc.

Then the suburbs happen and it’s more houses and more green parks and of course more roads.

As you’re getting a bit bored looking out the window something interesting happens. The bus routes diverge onto rolling roads, pastures, and hills, taking you to unique destinations. This is where the real magic begins. But here’s the catch – this transformative phase only happens for those who have the patience to immerse themselves in the earlier stage.

Think of the early part of the bus journey and the original copycat phase as a trial-and-error process. By copying others, learning new skills, and accumulating experience, you lay the foundation for your own distinctive voice. It’s like building blocks, each step contributing to your creative growth. And trust me, my friends, this applies not only to art but to various areas of life.

Embracing the Well-Trodden Path

In our fast-paced world, there’s immense pressure to always choose the unconventional path. We’re encouraged to reject the norms and seek constant novelty as soon as things get boring. But by doing so, we miss out on the richness and depth that comes from embracing the well-trodden path.

Just like sitting around and staring at a painting for an hour until you start seeing what the artist actually meant, we need to slow down and appreciate where we are. It’s in those moments that we truly connect with our surroundings and experience profound understanding. Whether it’s staying committed in a long-term relationship or putting down roots in a [insert community/industry of your choice], meaningful and singular accomplishments take time.

Embrace the unoriginal, copy, learn, and accumulate experiences. Stay on the bus, even when it feels repetitive. Trust your journey and that eventually, you’ll reach the point where your unique voice/style/craft emerges.

What’s the Real Value of Podcast Listener Attention?

In this blog, they explore the power of podcasts compared to other marketing mediums. They highlight that podcasts excel at capturing listeners’ full attention, demonstrating brand values through storytelling, introducing thought leaders, increasing brand affinity, and building thought leadership. But here’s the thing, my friends: downloads aren’t the whole story. It’s all about attention and unique listeners.

They introduced a new metric called “Cost Per Minute of Attention” to measure the impact of podcasts. By calculating the total time spent listening and the cost of production, you can see the value podcasts bring compared to other mediums. And let me tell you, the results might surprise you!

So, here are five key takeaways:

  1. Podcasts capture attention: They keep listeners engaged for extended periods, resulting in meaningful benefits for your brand.
  2. Downloads vs. attention: Downloads don’t measure the time spent or the desire to come back, but attention does.
  3. Measuring listener retention: Focus on whether listeners stick through an entire episode for a better understanding of engagement.
  4. Cost Per Minute of Attention: This metric showcases the value of podcasts by comparing the total minutes of attention to the production cost.
  5. Comparing across mediums: Apply the same formula to other marketing initiatives like videos and blog posts to see how they measure up.

Learn it all here.

How to reach 10x more people with only 10% work (aka less)

This piece introduces the struggles and challenges that most companies and brands face in content/podcast creation and marketing.

We highlight the extensive time and effort it takes to edit a high-quality podcast episode, averaging around 8 to 11 hours for a 45-minute interview. This is production from end to end (creating episode ideas, booking guests, researching guests’ questions, setting up for the interview, recording, editing, show notes, title, marketing and promotion).

Our goal is to save podcasters/businesses/brands from this chaos by providing support via managing their podcast, shaping their voice, telling their story, and reaching a wider audience.

On average, we strive to save companies 100 hours by offering services such as brainstorming captivating episode concepts and providing recording best practices.

All so you can focus on running their business while leaving the editing and marketing tasks in our hands.

Learn it all here.

Notable Quotable Actionable task

“Consistency before intensity”

Start small and become the kind of person podcaster who shows up every day. Build a new identity.

Only then should you increase the intensity.

That’s it for Dec 2023!

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