Episode Ideation & Pitching (Pre-Production) | The Pod Paste Process Part 2

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The episode ideation & pitching phase is Step 2 of The Pod Paste Production Process. Please go back to the introductory overview here to familiarise yourself with the full process. Alternatively, you can dive right into this part and figure it out as you go. We don’t mind either way as long as you get something out of this!

Picture this: You just finished recording seven episodes of the first season of your first podcast series. Things were going great until the guests from episodes 8-10 cancel (yes, somehow all three of them cancelled!).

Now the flow of the whole season is thrown up in the air. But, you don’t want to lose momentum by booking random people last minute. What’s a podcaster to do?

This happens to the best of weekly podcasts and there are many simple solutions;

  • You can recap a few episodes and comment on them in a “reflective” sort of episode
  • You can go out and create a 2-way conversation by reaching out to your audience via social media/email and having them use a voice recorder app to send you their questions, comments, and ideas
  • You can go out into the street and get field recorded interviews from random people about your subject field, and then go back and answer them in the studio (This is a fun one)
  • You can do a monologue where you have a prepared (or not prepared) segment that allows you to speak freely on a topic of your choice
  • You can have an expert in your field record a monologue (Taken from Tim Ferriss)
  • You can call them up and record bite-sized 5 min conversations and then stitch them up to make an episode (Again, taken from Tim Ferriss and only applicable if you have a decent size listenership of 1k listens per week or more)
  • You can ask to repost a podcast from a similar genre podcast that you might know (with their permission!)

These are just a few examples, but as you can see the sky is the limit with podcast episode ideas.

Most podcast production companies are audio production houses that record your audio and give it back to you sounding good. For some people that’s more than enough. For others, they might need a bit more creative and strategic direction before and after recording. This is where Pod Paste can help. 

Feel free to jump to step three of the Pod Paste Recording process – Recording here.

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