Is Your Content Missing the Mark? Uncover Strategies for Audience Growth

Unlock Your Ideal Audience with These Targeted Content Marketing Strategies

You don’t need to have a large following to significantly increase your sales. In fact, only 1,000 true followers can make a big difference. All you really need are 1000 true followers. But while that number is conveniently smaller than say, one million, you’ll only successfully find them through optimised digital marketing experience.

This panel of professional marketers dives deep into the topic so you can effectively find the customers who rare most likely to resonate with your product.

Focus on quality over quantity.

In this podcast episode, the hosts discuss the concept of focusing on quality over quantity in business. They reference the idea put forth by Kevin Kelly that having 1,000 true fans who each spend $100 on your products or services can lead to a thriving business. The hosts explore how this principle can be applied to marketing and content creation strategies. They also discuss the importance of finding and engaging with your target audience, using platforms and content that appeal to them.

The hosts share examples of businesses that have successfully built strong communities around their products, using them as a moat to protect their business and attract new customers. They emphasize the value of collaborating with influencers and experts in your industry to gain credibility and reach a wider audience. Overall, the episode highlights the benefits of focusing on quality relationships with customers rather than trying to reach a large but disengaged audience.

Talk to your customers consistently.

The hosts stress the need to actively engage with your target audience and build strong relationships with them. They argue that this approach is more effective than simply trying to reach a large but disengaged audience.

To effectively engage with your customers, the hosts suggest finding out where they are and speaking their language. This could involve joining relevant Facebook groups, participating in online communities like Reddit, or collaborating with influencers in your industry. The goal is to add value to the community and build relationships with potential customers.

The hosts also emphasize the importance of consistently seeking feedback from your customers. They encourage businesses to reach out to customers who have transacted with them and ask for their opinions. By doing so, businesses can gain valuable insights that can help improve their products, services, and overall strategy.

In terms of methods for talking to customers, the hosts suggest leveraging your network and reaching out to people who know people in your target audience. They also recommend attending events and places where your customers are likely to be present. Befriending your customers and putting yourself in their shoes can also help you establish connections and gain valuable insights.

Value relationships, not just transactions.

The podcast episode begins with the host discussing their surprising introverted nature. They acknowledge that they may come across as extroverted to some people, but they explain that they only become extroverted when they are around people they like. However, even with loved ones, the host admits that they can feel drained of energy. This leads them to express their appreciation for social media and the micro interactions it provides. They explain that they enjoy the ability to connect with people online without feeling overwhelmed by constant social interactions.

The host also mentions that their brand is international and that they do meet people in person through activities like running. They find it exciting when someone recognizes them from social media or their podcast, but they also acknowledge that they couldn’t handle that level of recognition and interaction on a daily basis. They express a desire to avoid fame and instead use the internet as a way to connect with others without feeling overwhelmed.

One key point that the host emphasizes is the importance of giving value without expecting anything in return. They compare it to helping a friend or family member without expecting a transactional exchange. They believe that if you provide value to others genuinely and selflessly, it will eventually come back to you. They acknowledge that this can be challenging, especially in a business context where transactions are expected. However, they argue that relationships should not be viewed solely as transactional, and that by focusing on providing value and building genuine connections, businesses can benefit in the long run.

In conclusion, this podcast episode highlights the value of consistently talking to your customers. By actively engaging with your target audience, seeking feedback, and building relationships, businesses can improve their products, services, and overall strategy. The hosts emphasize the importance of quality relationships with customers over reaching a large but disengaged audience. By focusing on quality, businesses can foster loyalty, attract new customers, and ultimately thrive in their respective industries.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to find your 1000 dream customers
  • How to put yourself in your dream customers’ shoes
  • Communicating with the best type of people
  • Why good products and services never go out of style
  • and much more

Panel Discussion Speakers

  • Nathalie Rafeh – founder and CEO and Splashup. An e-commerce sass platform that creates shopping experiences shoppers won’t forget
  • Genson Glier – growth hacker extraordinaire
  • Brendon Hill – content wiz and be investor
  • Daren Lake – Founder & Chief Content Creator at DLake Media/DLake Creates with a focus on fitness, health and wellness

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