The Pod Paste Process Overview

If you are thinking about creating a podcast, congratulations! Why congratulations? Well, besides the fact that podcasting is pretty damn cool, you have taken the first step into being a creator. Creators are cool because they are okay with failure. Failure is the only way to success. It’s like a scientist seeking data points to prove or disprove their hypothesis.

Outside of the creator/failure/success philosophical loop that we love to talk about here at Pod Paste, there is another element to creating. That element is the process. Most things that we like to do have a process whether you know it or not.

Within that process, there is usually consistency, habits, systems, templates, and routines. This process can be different for different people but we like to follow a tried and true process when we help people create their podcasts.

The Process

A super quick overview of each part is below and if you are interested we go into depth on each part in separate posts located at the end of this. Obviously, like most things in the world that we offer, you can go sequentially or bounce around a la carte style to whatever interests you.

Planning & Strategy (Pre-Production)

Also known as pre-production. This is where we focus on the schedule and work backwards to create milestones and goals from episode 1 to 100. We also iron out who needs to do what, where, and how it will get done. We encourage you to be as involved as you want in this process but we are happy to take on the bulk of work at this stage.

Episode Ideation & Pitching Concepts (Pre-Production)

This is where creativity flows freely. This process happens around the same time as the Planning & Strategy phase but focuses more on the shape and framework of the podcast series or season.

Some questions we explore;

  • Why is this podcast necessary in the world?
  • Who is this helping?
  • What are you going to do differently than anyone else to make yours stand out?
  • What stories and struggles have people had in this area or industry that are interesting?
  • How did they overcome them and what can people learn about that?


Finally, the actual doing or the fun part! This is where we actually turn on the microphone and let you, someone from your company or vocal talent that we help you find make magic.

If you are in Sydney, we record your voice on high quality, professional equipment in a fully sound-treated studio. If you are recording on your own or need to find a studio we can advise and consult you on the best way to capture the cleanest sounding and most engaging audio for your listeners.

Content Editing (Post Production)

This is is where your podcast goes from good to great. We have captured the raw audio in the last process. This is just words in a digital audio waveform state. We need to think of your audio as a book draft.

We’ll cover topics such as;

  • Thinking about the story structure and flow (from micro to macro-level)
  • Editorial content editing
  • Feedback sheets/templates
  • Technical content editing

Audio Editing (Post Production)

Once we’ve arranged your words to sound and flow well, it’s time to do a bit of mixing, mastering, and general audio sweetening so they sound good. You advise us on what you would like edited out or in. We then add in music, sound effects, and any voice-over/overdub recordings to make your episodes headphone ready for your listeners.

Publishing (Marketing & Promotion)

If you make a podcast and put it on Apple Music or Spotify, does someone listen? Probably not if they don’t know that it’s there. This last stage often gets overlooked but it’s an important one. Many people still don’t listen to podcasts so education and awareness become paramount for podcast success. Whether your goal is 1 million or 1 thousand listens, we have the experience and team to get your podcast in the ears of the people you want.

While this is just a simple template that we follow it doesn’t mean your podcast will sound like everyone else’s. There are many ways to make a podcast sound unique and our technical and creative expert team is here to help you.

Get directly in touch with us here to find out how we can help you with your next project.