The Who, The Why and The What

Who We Are

Pod Paste is a content strategy, production and marketing agency based in Sydney, Australia, that works with brands and people globally. We use the podcast to amplify branded content.

Daren Lake (Co-Founder/Client & Content Lead) has nurtured a lifelong passion for crafting stories through content and art.

This Aria award-winning producer began with DJ mixes, music production and spoken word poetry – a set of skills that have evolved into creating unique stories with memorable marketing and engaging advertising qualities.

We focus on the brand’s overall objective with the content and work backward from there by using a video podcast first approach. This allows a brand to maximise its reach while minimising resources to create all the content in a multi-channelled marketing approach.

This is what we call Cascading Content.

Contact us so we can make your content reach 10-24x more people, and you can get back your time and resources to do what you do best – run your business.

Why the video podcast is so important for content

Content is everywhere. So much so that we joke and call it “stuff” around here. But rather than make content for content’s stake, we strive to help audiences connect with brands in more of a “sticky” way.

Using a multi-channel approach to content, we use a video podcast first approach with our content marketing strategies. This allows four things;

1 – Your potential customers/clients/users to go down the traditional marketing funnel

2 – You to showcase your expertise in a given field or industry and your brand tone in a natural conversational way (ads while effective can be a bit pushy and harsh)

3 – Slowly develop genuine trust and curiosity about why your brand/product/service is the best for them

4- Create demand generation organically, saving your team money by bringing in qualified leads

Zooming in on podcasts

An audio/video podcast is a great way to reach your audience, as it is both a personal and passive medium for getting your story out to the world.

Personal because listeners develop intimate and trusted relationships with the people behind the audio (You and your team!).
Passive because the listener can be fully engaged in your experience, without it interrupting their lives.  If they go down the audio route, your audience can be exercising, commuting, or cooking, while still engaging with your product.

How we do it

  • Pre-Production – We research, ideate, and generate episode ideas for and with you
  • No Stress – We make the recording process simple and easy by using online virtual recording studios (or if you are in Sydney, we can record in person)
  • No More, No Less – Pay for what services you need.
  • Consultancy – Full technical and creative advice and guidance to solve all your podcast needs and problems — From music creation, sonic branding, copywriting, content marketing strategies, publishing best practices, and more
  • Reliability & High Quality – All content go through three quality checks (by three humans), and three backups so you don’t have to worry.
  • Formats to suit – Templates and formats for any style of podcast and marketing content, from traditional talking head style interviews, explainer videos, narrative/scripted video journals, e-courses, corporate workshops, and more!

Contact us to find out more about our services and rates.

What Brands We’ve Worked With

Work With Us

While we do have amazing packages for certain brands that are ready for this type of awesome content (hit us up if you are interested in that), we understand that content and, more specifically, podcasts for brands are not a one size fits all.

Either way, contact us now to see how we can help you tell your story to the world.