Services & Rates

A podcast is a great way to reach your audience as it’s a personal and passive medium for getting your message or story out to the world. Personal because there is a high chance of the listener developing an intimate and trusted relationship with the person on the other end of the audio file (You). Passive because the listener can do other things like walking, commuting, and working out while being fully engaged with the experience.

Podcasting is still new and exciting to most and knowing how much to budget for this can be tricky. While some people know exactly what service they want, seeing the full menu of what we offer might give you a better overview of how your podcast can be created and ultimately sound. 

The dynamic price range between a narrative/scripted podcast (think Gimlet/NPR/This American Life) and a 30-minute interview podcast episode vary greatly.

Please contact us talk at podpaste dot com to find out how we can help you.