How To Come Up With Podcast Episode Ideas, Backed by Science

Albert Einstein Riding a Bike

Our Head of Content and Operations, Daren Lake, wrote a guest article for partner company The Podcast Host about creativity, science, art, and systems.

Do you ever struggle to come up with new podcast episode ideas? If so, we’d love to use evidence based science to help you out. Most people think art and science are two different things that work against each other. Recently this has been proven false. Art and science work together, cooperatively. 

Coming up with episode ideas is more of a mental experience than physically “getting things done”. You might think you need to sit down and churn out a bunch of great topics, but unfortunately, our brains aren’t wired for that type of on/off switch like thinking.

In this article I offer up an evidence based and self tested model to help you come up with great episode ideas week after week.  It’s a fun mental experiment because it gives you something to constantly be improving upon (input) while also having tons of material and podcast episode topics (output). Moving forward you should feel confident because you will have more episode ideas than you will know what to do with.

We’ll cover four main areas;

  • The Four Bs of Ideation & Science (The Bed, The Bath, The Bus, and The Bike)
  • The Science Behind Generating Many Topics Consistently (Good and bad) 
  • Creating Buckets and Banks 
  • Using Research Tools And Asymmetrical Thinking

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