The Team

Daren Lake
Founder & Executive Producer
Daren is a New York City raised now Sydney based; Aria Award-winning - jack of all trades, Master of Some.

Since 2001 he's worked with big brands on global ad campaigns, recorded content with Australian Prime Ministers and musically shared the stage/collaborated with Gotye, Diplo, Calvin Harris and Kid Cudi.

You can find him sitting comfortably in the intersection of content creation, endurance sports, fitness, technology, and self improvement.

Karly Loy
Head of Production

Karly is the head of the production with over 9 years of experience at Universal Pictures and other home entertainment distributors in London, England.

Now based in Sydney, Karly ensures Pod Paste's clients have a great experience while our productions are kept on track and delivered on time.  

Jon Simmons
Head of Brand & Content

A creative and strategic thinker, Jon is a driven by an insatiable curiosity that guides nearly twenty-five years’ experience across brand, content, creative development, and production.

For Jon, understanding new technologies and how they influence brand storytelling involves journeying down paths where others might never think to venture.

That journey spans two continents, a wide range of digital platforms, channels and media and includes nearly a year sailing on a boat in the Sydney Harbour… best job ever…  

Shannon Reynolds
Podcast Manager

Shannon has extensive experience in the marketing world working client-side for both large corporates and start-ups she brings a unique understanding of clients’ wants, needs & expectations.

Working across FMCG, Beauty & wellness, Liquor and the Toy Industry Shannon is a creative and driven individual with a passion for Brand development & strategy focusing on what makes a brand unique and the best way to celebrate their point of difference.

Carter Quinn
Audio Engineer

Carter is a passionate audio engineer, musician,  and all-around creative.

He has a background in studio production and have a broad range of experience in events with live sound, short-film audio recording and music composition. 

Curating and editing podcasts has been the latest in a long line of eventual creative passions, and the love he has found for all forms of media will continue to grow as it has for the last seven years exponentially.


Alexandra Kulish
Podcast Manager

Alexandra's professional career has spanned from traditional media (print and radio) to digital at TikTok. She specialises in campaign management and delivery to ensure seamless execution across media commitment. 

As a musician and singer Alexandra is an audiophile, currently studying a bachelors in audio engineering, with a love for post production, foley and sound design.

Omar Morsy
Audio & Video Session Engineer

Omar Morsy is an audio engineer, Billboard charting music producer,  and professional DJ, born and raised in New York City.

When he's not helping recording video podcast sessions go smoothly or editing podcasts he's performed with top acts including legends Moby, DJ AM, Steve Aoki, John Legend and Tony Bennett.

You can catch Morsy spinning weekly at NYC's top nightclubs, lounges & cruises. 

Angelina Crutchfield
Audio Engineer & Sound Designer

Angelina is a sound designer and audio engineer based in Melbourne, Australia. In addition to her work on various podcast series, she has designed sound for a wide range of projects including film, animation, theatre and VR projects.

Angelina is also a performing musician, deeply interested in audio technology, music and various visual arts. 

Juan Pablo Velasquez
Audio & Video Editor
Juan Pablo Velasquez is a musician, composer and audio engineer based in Bogotá, Colombia. He started working for Colombian radio stations until he learned about podcasts, which he has been working on for more than 6 years. He also works as a composer for TV series, and as a producer for several artists of the Colombian independent scene.
Nikki Thomas
Podcast Producer

Nikki helps Pod Paste manage clients, content and everything in the middle. She can write a script and mix down some audio tracks after narrating and hosting a podcast show. She's the full package. 

She's originally from Melbourne but now residing in Brooklyn, NYC. Nikki has worked as a voiceover artist for over a decade in both Australia and the US.

Also an actor and writer, Nikki creates her own fictional audio drama and performs in radio plays around the world.  Oh, and you may have heard Nikki as she's is the national American voice of Tim Tam's, introducing this lovely snack to the United States.

Chuck (Charles) Montano
Copy/Story Lead, Researcher and Producer

Pod Paste's consult for narrative and structure, Chuck works with clients to deliver the meaning in their individual stories.

With a broad range of experience as podcaster, MC, songwriter and more, Chuck draws on a range of elements to help the Pod Paste Team shape your project into a unique top-shelf podcast.

Kate Wanjau
Content Coordinator & Copywriter

Kate is an accomplished content writer/copywriter who has spent the last 6 years creating writings that dazzle target audiences, drive engagement, and increase brand awareness.

Her passion for content creation and ability to research and analyze information has made her a valuable asset to the Pod Caste team.

When Catherine isn’t slinging words, you’ll find her jamming out to her favorite tunes, exploring new hiking trails, or simply just hanging with cute little angels at the local children’s home.

Jenna-Alyssa Martin
Video Producer

Jenna-Alyssa Martin is a highly creative and talented videographer and video editor. She has a passion for storytelling and an eye for detail, which allows her to create stunning visuals that capture the essence of any project.

Her expertise includes filming, editing, colour grading, and sound design, and she has worked on a variety of projects, which honed her skills and allowed her to develop a unique style that is both creative and technically proficient.

Emma Pilotti Krantz
Community & Content Manager

Emma, Better known as EPK, is a Sports Scientist from the University of Technology Sydney, armed with diplomas in Project Management and Fashion Business from institutions in Stockholm and London.

She has worked with creating engaging content and developing community and brand awareness strategies, curated art exhibitions, wellness events and been behind the scenes at London Fashion Week.

From the chilly Swedish latitudes to the sunny shores of Sydney, Emma likes to spread joy and improve lives by connecting people in fun and creative ways!

Stacey Trock

Stacey helps you put your best foot forward in the digital world by distilling your insights into streamlined and authentic content that engages your audience. No fluff. No schemes. No beating around the bush. Just helping your brand deliver what your followers and subscribers want to read.

Vasyl Shelkovenko
Video Editor
A Ukrainian born video editor in Canada w/ 5 yrs experience in advertising for social media. He's worked w/ major brands and skilled in animation, motion graphics, audio & video effects. He loves active sports in the mountains and is the best human ever (according to his wife).
Georgia Took
Finance Manager

Georgia Took is a bookkeeper with many years' experience across the events, communication and bulk food industries. As an avid podcast listener, Georgia is excited to join the Pod Paste team and gain an understanding of the "behind the scenes" of podcast production whilst supporting the financial and tax obligations of the business.

Phil Cross

Phil is the co-founder of Leaders For Good: They help leaders and organisations act for the purpose of good in the world.

He's also a strategist, leadership development specialist, facilitator, and coach. He believes leaders hold the power to change the world for the better.

Phil’s background and experience blend together leadership development, organisational change, strategy, digital transformation. Helping to embed purpose, grow teams and solve problems for some of the world’s most notable brands. 

Phil is also the sometimes co-host of the endurance sports, health and wellness podcast, DLake Creates Podcast.

Kary Youman
Kary is a Heart-Centered Human Being with 10+ years of professional experience, cultivating relationships and helping people break through limiting beliefs, with a specialized focus on developing leadership and emotional intelligence within organizations. 
He has played a role in facilitating change by hosting workshops and talking about topics such as personal growth, servant leadership, stress reduction, nonviolent communication, and mindfulness to help shift the way organizations view leadership principles.

Kary was invited to speak at TedX, where he told his compelling and amazing personal family story. This was in hopes of helping other people become the healthiest version of themselves for their families.
Matt Bryant

Matt is a Senior Creative Podcast Strategist with 12+ years of experience helping brands and people connect in a creative way. He specializes in developing podcast content strategies and producing high-quality content and ads.

He also enjoys spending time with his dog at the beach.


Who’s Pod Paste?

Pod Paste is a content production agency that uses a video podcast-first approach. We help brands and companies figure out why their podcast should exist, recording best practices, editing processes, and help grow their podcast with podcast-specific marketing strategies.

Like most technology-based companies, our team works remotely across the world. We have been based in Sydney, Australia, since our start in 2017, and this works extremely well for most of the world (we get things done overnight while you sleep).

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