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Remote Web Recording Special Podcast Production Service

This is an exclusive never done before opportunity for you to try out Video Podcasting for yourself/business and we make 10 pieces of social media marketing content from it

Why you need a video podcast for your brand/company

Your company’s message needs to be heard

Great organic video content (long and short form) does that.

Squeeze the most juice out of the fruit

Get 10x return on awareness, impressions and overall visibility with  only 10-20% more effort by using video podcasts

Leverage social platforms short video algorithm

This produces high value, high volume and consistent contents - which leads heavily interested people down your owned content funnel and channels

Owning the content marketing funnel

Means they go on your website to consume the audio/video/blog, sign up for your newsletter and then become power customers or clients

Third party cookies are going away

If using paid ads is your only strategy, fear not as organic content that you own will allow you to get around this and do more savvy marketing

Making a podcast audio only and expecting it to reach large numbers is very hard.

Brands and companies need to treat the podcast as part of a sophisticated content marketing ecosystem, rather than marketing channel that doesn't touch anything else

But how do you do this?

With our custom video podcast strategy, production recording and marketing solutions

What we do exactly

Wondering how the service works and how we can do it so cost effective?

Sample video podcasting at an incredibly low priceAt an incredibly low price we record a short professional video podcast so you can experience what it’s like to record in a professional virtual studio and see if it’s right for you

We help you with all stages of productionWe can help with pre-production, episode topic ideas, setting up distribution, marketing, and growing your brand with long and short form content (via short clips for social platforms/blog post/quote designs/etc.)

How it actually worksBy recording once per month in bulk with other new-to-podcasting business we only setup once and then can “batch” the process at a discounted rate that makes sense for everyone who isn't sure if video podcasting is for them

A typical recording & editing session experience would be


Our podcast managers prepare you with a discovery prep call before the date and then 15 minutes before your recording to make sure you are 100% ready to do your best.

During Recording

We handle everything technical once you sit down in the “studio” — Making sure you look and sound your best

Enjoy the Experience

Sit back, relax (or get intense) and have fun sharing your knowledge with the world and your guest (if you have one)

Time Managers

In a non-interruptive way we will give you time warnings visually throughout to make sure your recording ends on a great note

We Manage Post-Production and Editing

We will create and manage a production schedule for you to keep you up to date with edits, feedback rounds and final files


Starts at $95 USD for a standard trial video podcast episode package up to 15 minutes with a bonus of 3x short video clips (60 sec or less) and more to equal 10 pieces of content total ($9 per piece of content)

We discount our normal $1,500 per episode package rate to give you an 82% discount.

See what it includes --->>>

  • 82% discount from normal price ($1500 per episode package)
  • One (1) - episode recording (up to 15 minutes)
  • Pro Lighting - Standard
  • Two Professional High Quality Podcast Microphones
  • High Quality Audio Recording With 3x Backup
  • Professional Standard Editing Package for Audio & Video (see T&C for more details)
  • Pre-recording consult & prep
  • Intro & Outro Music
  • Video File - 1080p HD  .mp4 file
  • Audio File - 320 kb/s .mp3 file
  • Blog/Newsletter
  • Show Notes 
  • Infographic - Wordcloud
  • Distribution Best Practices (How to get it on YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and more)
  • 20% off future episode discounts from normal pricing up to 10 episode

Other Terms & Conditions

Maximum People 

We can only accommodate two people max for this podcast recording due to our equipment restrictions. If you would like more than two please contact us for a custom quote

Strong Suggestion

We highly recommend having two people that know each other for this first test recording. This ensures good chemistry and you don’t waste a potential interview with a high profile guest

Other Variations

  • If you aren't ready for video we can modify this to be audio only - please email t a l k @ p o d p a s t e dot com for more info
  • If you want more content pieces we can easily accommodate - let us know on your discovery call


More Terms & Conditions

More T&C’s in the agreement once you book in and we start working together.

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