Use this SECRET formula to create 24 pieces of content from one podcast episode

Reach 10x more people with only 10% work (aka less)

Founder and executive producer of Pod Paste, introduces the struggles and challenges that companies and brands face in the world of content creation and marketing.

We highlight the extensive time and effort it takes to edit a high-quality podcast episode, averaging around 8 to 11 hours for a 45-minute interview. This is production from end to end (creating episode idea, booking guests, researching guest, questions, setup for the interview, recording, editing, show notes, title, marketing and promotion).

Our goal is to rescue podcasters from this chaos by providing support in shaping their voice, telling their story, and reaching a wider audience. We want to save companies 100 hours by offering services such as brainstorming captivating episode concepts and providing recording best practices.

All so that you can focus on running their business while leaving the editing and marketing tasks in our capable hands.